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                  1. Thermally insulating and fire-retardant lightweight anisotropic foams based on nanocellulose and graphene oxide
                  B Wicklein, A Kocjan, G Salazar-Alvarez… - Nature …, 2015 - nature.com
                  Page 1. Thermally insulating and fire-retardant lightweight anisotropic foams based on
                  nanocellulose and graphene oxide Bernd Wicklein1, Andra? Kocjan2, German Salazar-Alvarez1,
                   [HTML] Guanidinocalix [5] arene for sensitive fluorescence detection and magnetic removal of perfluorinated pollutants
                  Z Zheng, H Yu, WC Geng, XY Hu, YY Wang, Z Li… - Nature …, 2019 - nature.com
                  Perfluorinated alkyl substances, such as perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic
                  acid (PFOA), are toxic materials that are known to globally contaminate water, air, and soil
                  resources. Strategies for the simultaneous detection and removal of these compounds are …
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                  [HTML] nature.com

                  2. [HTML] corrosion Resistance of Graphene oxide/Silver coatings on ni–ti alloy and Expression of IL-6 and IL-8 in Human oral fibroblasts
                  V Srimaneepong, D Rokaya, P Thunyakitpisal, J Qin… - Scientific Reports, 2020 - nature.com
                  Graphene based materials (GBMs) have potentials for dental and medical applications. GBMs
                  may cause changes in the levels of cytokine released in the body. This study aimed to study the
                  corrosion resistance of graphene oxide (GO) and GO/silver (GO/Ag) nanocomposite coated …
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                  3, Federico Carosio4, Giovanni Camino4, Markus Antonietti5 and Lennart Bergström1 …
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                  [HTML] nature.com
                  [HTML] A flexible plasma-treated silver-nanowire electrode for organic light-emitting devices
                  J Li, Y Tao, S Chen, H Li, P Chen, M Wei, H Wang… - Scientific reports, 2017 - nature.com
                  Silver nanowires (AgNWs) are a promising candidate to replace indium tin oxide (ITO) as
                  transparent electrode material. However, the loose contact at the junction of the AgNWs and
                  residual surfactant polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) increase the sheet resistance of the AgNWs. In …
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                  [HTML] nature.com

                  4. [HTML] Determination of nicotine in tobacco products based on mussel-inspired reduced graphene oxide-supported gold nanoparticles
                  Y Jing, X Yuan, Q Yuan, K He, Y Liu, P Lu, H Li, B Li… - Scientific Reports, 2016 - nature.com
                  … tobacco products. Experiments. Chemicals and materials. 3-hydroxytyramine
                  hydrochloride (DA) and HAuCl 4 were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich. Graphene
                  oxide powder was purchased from JCNANO, INC. Nicotine standard …
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                  [HTML] nature.com

                  5. [HTML] Enhancement mechanisms of graphene in nano-58S bioactive glass scaffold: mechanical and biological performance
                  C Gao, T Liu, C Shuai, S Peng - Scientific reports, 2014 - nature.com
                  … Methods. Materials and experiments. Graphene (purity: 99.8%, 0.7–1.2 nm in thickness and
                  0.8–3 μm in diameter) was purchased from Nanjing JCNANO Tech Co., Ltd. It was prepared
                  by modified Hummers method 46 with a metal impurity < 10 PPM …
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                  [HTML] nature.com

                  6. [HTML] Graphene oxide as an interface phase between polyetheretherketone and hydroxyapatite for tissue engineering scaffolds
                  S Peng, P FengP WuW HuangY YangW Guo… - Scientific reports, 2017 - nature.com
                  Graphene oxide as an interface phase between polyetheretherketone
                  and hydroxyapatite for tissue engineering scaffolds.
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                  [HTML] nature.com

                  7. [HTML] Novel electrochemical redox-active species: one-step synthesis of polyaniline derivative-Au/Pd and its application for multiplexed immunoassay
                  L Wang, F Feng, Z Ma - Scientific reports, 2015 - nature.com
                  Electrochemical redox-active species play crucial role in electrochemically multiplexed
                  immunoassays. A one-pot method for synthesizing four kinds of new electrochemical redox-active
                  species was reported using HAuCl4 and Na2PdCl4 as dual oxidating agents and aniline …
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                  [HTML] nature.com

                  8. [HTML] Reduced graphene oxide triggered epithelial-mesenchymal transition in A549 cells
                  Y Liao, W Wang, X Huang, Y Sun, S Tian, P Cai - Scientific reports, 2018 - nature.com
                  Graphene and its derivatives have exhibited wide potential applications in electronics, structural
                  engineering and medicine. However, over utilization and untreated discharge may cause its
                  distribution into environmental as well as biological chain, which raised the concerns of potential …
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                  [HTML] nature.com

                  9. [HTML] Simultaneous quantification of serum nonesterified and esterified fatty acids as potential biomarkers to differentiate benign lung diseases from lung cancer
                  J Ren, D Zhang, Y Liu, R Zhang, H Fang, S Guo… - Scientific reports, 2016 - nature.com
                  Simultaneous Quantification of Serum Nonesterified and Esterified Fatty Acids as Potential
                  Biomarkers to Differentiate Benign Lung Diseases from Lung Cancer.
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